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Fuel & Mileage Reports

We offer quarterly tax reporting for the following:

  • IFTA
  • New York Highway Use Tax
  • Kentucky KYU
  • New Mexico Weight Distance Tax
  • Oregon Highway Use Tax
  • Delinquent & Suspended IFTA & Highway Use Tax Accounts
  • Annual & Supplemental Federal Heavy Highway Use Tax Form 2290

Every licensee is obligated to submit a return. Tax returns are required even if no operations were conducted or no taxable fuel was used during the reporting period. Returns that are not filed or not paid in full are considered late and will be assessed penalty and interest. When filing a tax return, a licensee may apply the fuel overpayment generated in one jurisdiction to the taxes owed for another jurisdiction.

Administered and regulated by your base state under the rules and regulations as set forth by the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). All qualified motor vehicles must display a current IFTA decal and file quarterly tax returns. In general, a qualified motor vehicle means a motor vehicle used, designed or maintained for transportation of persons or property and:

A fuel tax liability is created when the amount of fuel consumed is larger than the amount of fuel purchased in a particular state during any one-tax quarter. If the state charges a fuel surcharge over and above the specific fuel tax levied, it will generally be charged on the total amount of fuel consumed within that state during that same quarter regardless of the amount of fuel purchased within that same state. Anytime there is more fuel purchased than consumed in a particular state during a tax quarter a fuel tax credit is created and is used to offset any fuel tax liability during that same quarter.

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