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The International Registration Plan (IRP) is a vehicle registration system which registers interstate motor carrier vehicles for all participating jurisdictions in by filing one application with their ‘base’ or home state. Registration fees are calculated on the percentage of miles a carrier travels in each jurisdiction. The base jurisdiction collects the fees for all jurisdictions where the carrier operates and forwards the fees to those jurisdictions. The carrier is issued one license plate and cab card for each vehicle. The cab card lists all jurisdictions and the registered weight. IRP registration is valid for both interstate and intrastate operations.

How many states participate in IRP?

The 48 contiguous United States, the District of Columbia and 10 Canadian provinces are members of IRP.

What vehicles must be registered?

The types of vehicles that register with IRP are
⦁ Vehicles operating or registered over 26,000 lbs.
⦁ Vehicles with three or more axles, regardless of weight
⦁ Combination vehicles with a combined weight over 26,000 lbs

Are any vehicles exempt?

Vehicles with restricted plates such as farm vehicles, city pickup and delivery vehicles, government-owned vehicles and recreational vehicles may be exempt from IRP registration.

We provide pre-check registration status check & citation payment services before registering vehicles

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